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Document Management

It allows professionals to write the notes on cases in word processing software and store the files with specifically labeled meta-data. With the adlaw Dropbox combination, you can exploit Dropbox's amazing highlights from directly within your adlaw account anywhere anytinme. To keep your records sorted out and in a state of sync, documents reports and envelopes added to a particular case organizer in Dropbox are promptly accessible inside the comparing case in adlaw.

Document Management

Each file stored is automatically numbered, versioned and archived. The software stores and maintains the copy of all the versions and allows for it to be viewed and edited at a later date. You can.

  • left-arrowFolder Move, Rename, Delete, Get Info
  • left-arrowFile download by double click
  • left-arrowFile copy and paste

Adlaw Document Management feature maintains a copy of all previous versions in order to allow for inspection or review at a later date.